Polara XS Golf Balls

Golf is only limited by the laws of physics, not USGA rules that don't apply to the 85 percent of players who already play gimme putts, mulligans, illegal drops -- or just want to make their next round of golf as enjoyable as possible. For some reason, there's some weird thing about golfers, that some feel compelled to play like they're playing with Phil Mickelson.

Let's face it - golf is a tough sport. That's why Polara Golf uses the most advanced technology to create anti-slice golf balls that help recreational golfers lower their scores and enjoy the game more. Thanks to its unique dimple design, the Polara golf ball has been proven by robotic tests to drastically reduce those dreaded slices and hooks by up to 75 percent. Polara Golf Balls were even featured in the New York Times! Have a better day on the course by making the golfing experience more fun and less stressful.

Just point the ARROW towards your target, and let it rip!

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Price: $27.72