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The best way to help lower your score is to keep the ball in play and set up for an easy approach shot. What this means is that your shots MUST hit fairways. If you want to gain control over your shots, then the Trust-Tee Hook & Slice Corrector may be the answer. It is simple to use and improves your golf game immediately! It is designed to counteract the effect of imparting side-spin to the golf ball. It does this by shifting the center axis of the ball to one side or the other, depending on which shot shape you're trying to correct. Stop wasting money with breakable tees and lost balls. The Trust-Tee will keep you out of the woods and on the fairway, it's virtually unbreakable, and comes in a handy 4-pack.

  • Includes Four 3-inch Trust-Tees
  • Reduces your hook and slice by up to 15 yards guaranteed.
  • Extremely Durable (Minimum 100 drives each Tee)
  • Increases Driver Accuracy. Lose Less Golf Balls and Lower your Score!
  • Made to make the ball flight straighter and on target.
  • Designed to make the tee to pop out of the ground
  • Innovative Design practically eliminates breakage
  • Camber design decreases side-spin up to 50%
  • Proven with Flight Scope Technology
  • Hit it straight - get on the fairway
  • Product is manufactured of Durable Unique Resin Compounds
  • Can be used for both right and left-handed golfers
  • Patented Technology
  • Made in North America
  • Makes a great gift for your favorite golfer.

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