Men's Golf / Athletic Compression Shorts

Swing Better / Play Harder with these Sports Compression Shorts!

  • Extremely Lightweight, Breathable, & Comfortable
  • State of the art, form-fitting, compression material
  • Designed to wick sweat away from the body
  • Keeps your muscles warm
  • Reduces strain and fatigue by improving circulation

Try the Golf Swing Compression Shorts once and you'll be impressed immediately by the feel and muscle efficiency for improved balance and a better swing. Namely, the Golf Swing Compression Shorts bring your core together by holding muscles tight - providing support for optimal balance and performance. Compression gear improves blood circulation and recovery time; reduces lactic-acid buildup; and enhances strength and power. Lightweight and breathable, this technology surrounds and supports key muscle groups, ensuring the best combination of comfort and performance!

Compression Shorts improve your core by improving muscle efficiency and the result is improved balance for a better swing. You also know that your power comes from your core! Compression Shorts hold muscles tight (taking care of your core) when you are out on the course, which also improves power and performance. So add Fuel to your core (and to your swing) with the Golf Swing Compression Shorts.

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Price: $99.94