PureStrike 5SK ShotShaper

It's true that a picture says a thousand words. We can talk until the cows come home about learning to hit a draw or a fade. Or you can perfect the shot quickly and easily by using the new ShotShaper. The ShotShaper trains you to follow the "Sweetspot Path", which is also known as the "Alternate Target Line". As the clubface approaches the golf ball it travels on an "angle" (not along your target line). This is called the Sweetspot Path because it's the line on top of which the clubface's sweetspot travels into impact. Simply place the ShotShaper on the ground and position the ball either on the ShotShaper or in front of it. The ShotShaper trains you to follow the "Sweetspot Path". Be sure that your clubface follows this path through impact. A proper swing Does Not follow the "Straight Target Line", but rather the "Alternate Target Line" (the line slightly angling away from you) as outlined on the ShotShaper. Next use Clubface Control - either straight, open or closed. Straight represents a "square" shot. Open represents a "push" or "draw" and Closed represents a "pull" or "fade".

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Price: $16.61