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Medicus Alignment Sticks are a portable, multifunctional training tool used to reinforce fundamentals of the golf swing including alignment, swing plane and much more. Due to the versatility of this product, the alignment sticks are suitable for golfers of all levels and ages.

Anyone who is trying to improve their golf game should have a set of these in their bag for practice. This is the best way to train to get your golf swing on the correct plane. Being on the correct swing plane will eliminate hooks and slices. Get a pair and cut your handicap!

Alignment Sticks are a great teaching aid for coaches and make a perfect gift for that golf-obsessed fan in your life!

Want to hit like the Pros? Tour Pros use alignment sticks when they practice to improve their golf game...and now you can too! A variety of drills can be practiced using Medicus Alignment Sticks. These Alignment Sticks are a multipurpose golf training aid designed for beginner players as well as more advanced golfers. Not only are these sticks great for improving your overall golf game, they also help you target specific problem areas such as your alignment, body movement, swing plane and can even touch up your putts. These Alignment Sticks help golfer's regain their posture and, therefore, alter the direction of their golf balls by aiming golfers' body correctly. Try the Alignment Sticks for yourself today. All you have to lose is your bad swing.

Your Medicus Alignment Sticks Features/Benefits:

  • Trains a Correct Flat Left Wrist
  • Trains Flat Left Wrist from at least impact through follow through
  • Trains a Correct Weight Forward Swing
  • Includes Two 42-Inch Full Length Alignment Sticks
  • Portable, multi-functional training tool
  • Aids in proper set up, alignment, swing plane, ball position and more
  • Can be configured in multiple ways
  • Great for practice on the range
  • Eliminate major swing flaws that lead to slices or hooks
  • Guide sticks provide instant feedback on every swing
  • Multipurpose practice rods - Great for all drills!
  • Suitable for golfers of all levels and ages.
  • Encourages a Weight Forward - Same PureStrike(TM) Key Used By All Great Golfers
  • Encourages a Flat Left Wrist - Same PureStrike(TM) Key Used By All Great Golfers
  • Makes a great gift for golfers of any skill or level!

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