Medicus DualHinge DA Driver

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The #1 Training Aid in the World Just Got Better! The Medicus DualHinge Driver now has additional features that help you eliminate the guesswork associated with swing path and club face motion. New Clubface Alignment Lines & Swing Path Arrows help you maintain proper clubface control and stay on path from address through impact. Studies have shown that when using the DualHinge D.A. Driver, golfers improved their ability to swing the club on path and maintain solid impact - eliminating hooks and slices! Learn to swing on path and control your clubface to begin hitting consistent, on-target shots with the new DualHinge D.A. Driver!

  • 9 Primary Breakpoints
  • Instant Flaw Detection
  • Eliminate Slices and Hooks
  • Achieve Smooth Tempo
  • Fix Swing Plane and Path

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