Improve Your Swing Plane, Accuracy and Power!

The Vision Track visually tracks your club-head path to immediately improve your swing plane, power and accuracy!

The swing-path is a vital & foundational component of the golf-swing that separates great golfers from everyone else. Since you swing on an arc, you want your club-head sweet-spot to follow the Alternate Target Line. This gives you correct swing-plane and a visual of exactly where the club-head should move through the point of impact of your swing! With the Vision Track you'll start hitting fairways and greens more consistently!

Medicus VisionTrack Features & Benefits:

  • Gives a clear picture of your correct swing-path and swing-plane
  • Tracks your club-head path to improve your swing-plane, power and accuracy
  • Made from High-Impact Material with a built-in tee so that you can hit balls off of it
  • Clarifies swing-path & swing-plane as it relates to target line
  • Properly aligns your stance in relation to the target line
  • Shows you visually the correct path for having a proper swing
  • Provides immediate feedback, if your swing is on an improper outside-in path
  • Highly portable & easy-to-use
  • Perfect for use at home or on the range
  • Reversible for left-handers

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Price: $49.94