Men's Golf / Athletic Compression Socks

Perform Better & Recover Faster with Sports Compression Socks!

  • Extremely Lightweight, Breathable, & Comfortable
  • State of the art, form-fitting, compression material
  • Designed to wick sweat away from the body
  • Keeps your muscles warm
  • Reduces strain and fatigue by improving circulation

Golf is hard on the body, particularly the feet. Engineered for recovery and performance, these compression socks enhance circulation while the unique design protects athletes' legs from the wear and tear of long tough workouts. The roomier toe, arch support, and non-binding top band make them exceptionally comfortable and ideal for golf: they promote circulation and stabilize muscles so that legs and ankles do not swell and tire less. Also great for after golf (or even travel), these compression socks are a treat on your feet as they will promote a faster recovery for the next round of golf. Simply put - these socks rock!

Compression Socks are designed to enhance optimal performance, recovery and prevent injury. Cradling the entire lower leg with graduated compression, they hug your muscles and joints, increase blood flow and speed recovery after you walk a round. These specially designed golf socks feature an articulated panel over the shin bone and a wide cuff that ensures they are easy to put on and remove - along with extra arch support and carefully created right and left foot-beds.

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Price: $66.61