Polara XD

Golfers who spend much of their time in the rough, looking for their ball, now have a choice to switch to the first anti-slice golf ball, rather than spending big bucks on expensive clubs and hoping that it'll solve their hook or slice. Recreational golfers that have a difficult time finding enough hours to practice and perfect their golf game, will find the Polara Golf Ball ideal - as it's approved for recreational use. The secret behind the self-correcting, anti-slice golf ball technology is all in the dimple pattern. These accuracy golf balls have shallower dimples around the equator and deeper dimples on each pole. When a Polara golf ball is flying in its preferred orientation - teeing off with the alignment arrow pointing directly towards the target (poles horizontal) - the Polara ball exhibits significantly lower lift (and lower drag as well) than a normal golf ball. This reduction in lift translates into less of a hook or slice. Put this ball in your bag to hit the ball straighter! You'll be playing from the fairway more and enjoying the game more.

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Price: $27.72