Putting Secrets Revealed


In "Putting Secrets Revealed!" you'll learn breakthrough putting techniques from putting expert Geoff Mangum. Geoff takes traditional putting and combines it with modern putting techniques that can turn an average putter into a "real closer" out on the course!

It seems like TV has helped to ruin the art of putting. We study tournament pros as they analyze putts to death before pulling the trigger. The pros can be forgiven (sort of) because big bucks are hanging in the balance -- but the bad part is we mimic their over-analyzing but don't have millions of dollars riding on the outcome. Think less and sink more putts with this two-disc Blu-Ray/DVD that is packed with putting techniques.

If you're tired of burning out your brain about putting -- and still missing putts -- consider Putting Secrets Revealed! Order today!

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Price: $22.17