PureStrike 5SK DVD Collection (5 Disc Set)

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For the past century golf has produced great winners. These great champions win time after time. But what do they have in common? And what does it take to become one? We've studied the swing techniques of all the great champions and have developed the PureStrike golf swing. We've broken down the golf swing into 5 Simple Keys that will allow any golfer to play their best. And most importantly, we've made it simple to understand. Once you master the 5 Simple Keys, you'll have consistent and pure ball striking!

  • Proven Keys to Achieve a Consistent Pure Strike!
  • Revolutionizing the Way the Golf Swing is Taught!
  • Learn the 5 Keys That All Golf Champions Have in Common!
  • Achieve a Consistent, Repeatable Swing!
  • Strike the Ball PURE, Time after Time!
  • Develop Accuracy and Added Distance for Better Scores!

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